The Midland County Great Start Collaborative is a network of service providers, parents, business and community leaders, and educators who work together to provide coordinated support for families of children from birth through age five. These individuals work together to oversee the planning, implementation, and ongoing improvement of programs and services for Midland County children and families.

The Great Start Collaborative goal is to help ensure that children are safe, healthy and ready to learn when they enter kindergarten in Midland County. All children deserve a healthy foundation so that they can be successful in school and in life.

Interested in learning more? visit MIDLAND COUNTY GREAT START COLLABORATIVE or contact:

Midland County Great Start Collaborative Director 
Phone: 492-7700 ext. 1173


The Great Start Parent Coalition is an important component of the Great Start System in Midland County. The Great Start Collaborative (GSC) is composed of community leaders from the fields of physical health, mental health, business and philanthropy, as well as parents. The GSC and the Parent Coalition work together to oversee the planning, implementation, collaboration and ongoing improvement of programs and services to children in our area.

Being involved with the Parent Coalition provides the opportunity to meet with other parents, engage in leadership and advocacy training, professional development, and parent-to-parent learning experiences. We build strong, lasting relationships while working to educate ourselves and the community about early childhood programs and services, and the importance of investing in early childhood.

Parents have their children’s best interest at heart.  Parents are aware of what is going on in our community and we are able to see what is needed to improve existing programs. Together, we can be the voice for our children, serving as their advocates and mentoring others in the community. Most importantly, our input helps all children and families in the community, not just our own!  Get involved and make a positive change in the life of a young child today!

Choose your level of participation:

  • Attend monthly Parent Coalition meetings

  • Represent the Parent Coalition at community events

  • Join our Great Start Collaborative Network

Anyone is welcome to attend any of the Parent Coalition meetings; we welcome parents, community members, businesses, and agencies at any time! Dinner is provided as well as licensed childcare, so in order to help us plan appropriately we do ask that you R.S.V.P ahead of time. for more information about meetings, to R.S.V.P. to a meeting, or for information about how to join the Midland County Parent Coalition contact:

Parent Coalition Liaison
Phone: 492-7700 ext. 1229