Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition

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The goal of the Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition is to help people achieve wellbeing; that is to feel good, struggle well, and function effectively. Because life is a journey where our wellbeing will naturally ebb and flow and because we live in systems - individual, group, organizations - our wellbeing impacts those around us at multiple levels in multidirectional ways. We provide services at all levels of those systems through presentations, workshops, trainings, coaching, and a variety of customized ways as determined by groups we work with. Key components to wellbeing that we address include: positivity, engagement, relationships, meaning, accomplishment, health, prosperity, equity, civility, resilience, engagement, acceptance, diversity, and inclusion. Using education terminology, we basically provide Tier 1 interventions - mainly to adults in the community. Our coalition includes over 100 people from over 50 organizations, many of whom we partner with and support as we work toward wellbeing for all.

Midland Area Wellbeing Coalition Contact Information
Kathy Snyder, info@midlandareawellbeing.org, 989-239-3454

Community Mental Health for Central Michigan

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CMHCM's mission is to promote community inclusion and whole-person wellness through comprehensive and quality integrated services to individuals with a serious emotional disturbance, intellectual/developmental disability, serious mental illness, or co-occurring substance use disorder.

Community Mental Health for Central Michigan Contact Information
Deana Mason, dmason@cmhcm.org, 989-631-2320

Adoption Option, Inc.

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Adoption Option Inc. was initially founded to provide adoption services, help children in the foster care system and to share free information about adoption and foster care. Later we began offering foster licensing and foster care services. In 2010, we began offering additional direct services to youth. In 2012 we began offering services to help families with children in foster care work to improve their parenting skills so that their children could be returned to them. In 2013 we began offering evidence-based parent education services. In 2020 our organization collectively served in excess of 1,200 (children and adults combined).

Adoption Option, Inc. Contact Information
Delois T. Leapheart, DLeapheart@aoicw.org, 989-839-0534

The Legacy Center for Community Success

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The Legacy Center provides individuals with tools for success in literacy, substance use prevention, and positive youth development. We offer one-on-one tutoring, as well as classroom-based substance use prevention and parent and community education about youth development.

The Legacy Center for Community Success Contact Information
Kathryn Tate, ktate@tlc4cs.org, 989-496-1425

Family & Children's Services of Mid-Michigan

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Family & Children’s Services of Mid-Michigan has been helping the Great Lakes Bay Region since 1925. We seek to help our community grow into habits of self-love and self-acceptance that create a path to happiness and self-contentment. We offer creative approaches to assist you in achieving your goals for health and/or recovery, allowing you to set the pace. We want you to be excited about your path to a more fulfilling and successful life so we empower you to take command of your mental health and earn the confidence to do so over time. Our team provides you with tools and skills that help you along the way and will guide you to your goals. We collaborate with you to build on your existing strengths to help you manage your mental health. We have experience dealing with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma, stress management, and grief. We are a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community. Our approach is to help you first find wellbeing and peace in yourself and then use that to help you manage your mental health. In collaboration with local schools, Family & Children's Services provides counseling to students in need at the school they attend.

Family & Children's Services of Mid-Michigan Contact Information
Joe Blewett, jblewett@fcs-midland.org, 989-631-5390

Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Great Lakes Bay Region

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Great Lakes Bay Region serves children 6-12 and if enrolled into BBBS before 12 we are able to serve them until they are 18 years of age. We focus on one-to-one mentoring to empower the needs of children throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region by matching them with a positive adult role model.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of GLBR Contact Information
Lauren Robinson or Jenny Oswald, robinson@bbbsgreatlakes.org or jenny@bbsgreatlakesbay.org, 989-631-5360

MidMichigan Health

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MidMichigan Health is the major health system in Midland with employed primary care physicians and pediatricians. We have psychiatric service and therapy in our outpatient psychiatric practice and integrated behavioral health in our primary care settings. We have a social worker in the emergency department for patients who come in with behavioral health needs. We have a partnership with the ESA for autism services and provide applied behavior analysis and OT/PT/speech services. We have inpatient psychiatric care for adults.

MidMichigan Health Contact Information
Kathy Dollard, kathy.dollard@midmichigan.org, 989-839-3187


RISE is a trauma-informed service model that equips schools with skills and mindsets to build resilient staff, students, and systems.

RISE Contact Information
Sarah Owens, sarahowensconsulting@gmail.com, 517-812-3936


Shelterhouse Logo

Shelterhouse of Midland and Gladwin Counties is a non-profit organization serving those who have experienced domestic or sexual violence. Our client services include safe shelter, advocacy, counseling, court accompaniment, resource assistance, and more. Shelterhouse recognizes that these are experiences that do not discriminate - therefore, neither do our services. All are welcome to seek help here, regardless of age, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, religion, ability level, or any other identifying characteristic.

Shelterhouse also provides prevention, education, and outreach to the Midland and Gladwin County communities. Through curriculum-based prevention activities, Shelterhouse has been able to impact individuals in the schools. Educational presentations and materials on domestic and sexual violence, healthy relationships, supporting loved ones, consent, and more are available to those who are interested. To better reach our community, Shelterhouse also attends outreach events and distributes informational materials.

Shelterhouse Contact Information
Ally Beattie, abeattie@shelterhousemidland.org, 630-338-9646

Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (Our Community Listens)

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The Our Community Listens (OCL) experience provides educators and youth support systems with the social emotional skills to model the behaviors that they want to develop in youth. OCL is not another curriculum to implement, it is the relational way educators show up in the classroom. This training provides a common language and framework to guide the learning, education, and modeling of social emotional skills.

The OCL skills are a solution for educational institutions seeking to establish and enhance teachers’ behaviors, skills, and beliefs that positively impact students’ academic and social-emotional outcomes.

Chapman Foundation for Caring Communities (OCL) Contact Information
Misty Janks, misty.janks@chapmancommunities.org, 989-708-8072

211 Northeast Michigan

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Children and families rarely have one need or issue that they are struggling with, 211 is a simple, three digit number that connects people in need with a wide variety of health and human service non profits 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Those in need can simply dial 2-1-1, text their zip code to TXT211 (898211) or chat with us online to use this free and confidential service.

211 Northeast Michigan Contact Information
Sarah Kile, kile@211nemichigan.org, 989-636-7368

Behavior Health Partners, PLC

Behavior Health Partners PLC Logo

Behavior Health Partners is a child-focused clinical practice. We come alongside children navigating social, emotional, and behavioral challenges, while also supporting and coaching those that know them best, including parents, guardians, and educators.

Behavior Health Partners, PLC Contact Information
Kristi Hainstock, dr.hainstock@behaviorhealthpartners.com, 616-363-2200

The ROCK Center for Youth Development/Discover You

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The ROCK’s Discover You program provides tools to adults in order to empower secondary and post-secondary students to live their best life. We offer a comprehensive social and emotional learning implementation, which is foundational to many other initiatives, such as trauma and ACEs, restorative practices, and diversity/equity/inclusion. Discover You is Tier 1 interventions that are inclusive and meet the state requirements for social and emotional learning in an academic environment. And, that learning is captured via a robust measuring tool.

The ROCK Center for Youth Development/Discover You Contact Information
Sarah Weisbarth, sarah@discoveryou.org, 989-923-1998

Midland Kids First

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Midland Kids First serves youth who are involved or at-risk of becoming involved in the Juvenile Justice System in Midland County. We provide evidenced-based interventions to assure youth become well adjusted, responsible, and contributing members of the community. Our programs include a substance use recovery program for youth under the age of 18 years old, a mentor program for youth in the Midland County Day Treatment Program offered through the Juvenile Care Center (JCC), an intervention to strengthen families involved in JCC, supports for youth and families dealing with severe emotional disturbance, and a prevention program for child abuse and neglect.

Midland Kids First Contact Information
Pam Singer, psinger@midlandkidsfirst.org, 989-859-2591

Children's Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region

Children's Grief Center Logo

The Children's Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region provides peer grief support to children and families in our bi-monthly grief groups, onsite school grief groups, college/university groups, and we also provide our "Good Grief Bags" to schools and agencies to lend to families who need bereavement support.

Children's Grief Center of the Great Lakes Bay Region Contact Information
Camille G. Nitschky, camille@childrensgriefglbr.org, 989-859-1801

Youth Solutions

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You’ve all heard, and lived, stories where a youth was up against some of the greatest challenges but went on to succeed against all odds. Youth Solutions is a nonprofit organization that creates these types of success stories every day. We have been partnering with educators and employers to help Michigan’s youth create these inspiring outcomes since 2008. We are advocates, coaches, mentors, connectors, and solution seekers, and we are on a mission to equip young people with the skills to overcome barriers and succeed in education, employment, and in life. We work with youth from 6th grade through age 25, to help them find their spark and achieve their goals, and then we go on to provide them with follow up services through that first crucial year post-graduation. In schools, our specialists often work hand-in-hand with counselors, special education providers, parents, and administrators to help students not only find their passion but create a clear roadmap for success. Our programming is flexible to meet your needs, and in many cases is Title fundable. Please call me if you would like to know how we can help your youth achieve a future beyond imagination.

Youth Solutions Contact Information
Kim Bordeau, bordeauk@ouryouthsolutions.org, 989-464-0035

Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network

Barb Smith Suicide Resource and Response Network Logo

The Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network offers suicide prevention and awareness trainings. We deliver trainings to all organizations requesting the training. We collaborate with the Children's Grief Center, ROCK, Midland Safety Training Center, Midland Family Center and many others that serve our youth population. We also partnered with the Youth Mental Health Gaps committee to coordinate the P2P program along with the ROCK. A peer to peer youth suicide prevention program that coordinated in seven of the Midland high schools and middle schools The P2P project was built on the premise that teens are more likely to listen to their friends than to well-meaning adults. In order to raise awareness of depressive illnesses, reduce the stigma of depression among teens, and increase the likelihood of early detection and help-seeking, we have to teach the skills needed on how to recognize a concern when there is a concern for a friend or the student and how to connect the individual to a caring adult.

Barb Smith Suicide Resource & Response Network Contact Information
Barb Smith, barb.smith@srrn.net, 989-781-5260, ext. 2