Education-Related Professional Learning: Externships

Midland County Educational Service Agency

Education-Related Professional Learning: Externships



DATE: October 19, 2017

TO: Local and Intermediate School District Superintendents
Public School Academy Directors

FROM: Venessa A. Keesler, Ph.D., Deputy Superintendent
Division of Educator, Student, and School Support

SUBJECT: Education-Related Professional Learning: Externships

In response to the June 26, 2017 Executive Directive from the State Superintendent
detailing the implementation of recommendations of the Career Pathway Alliance, the
Office of Professional Preparation Services (OPPS) has created a helpful guidance
document relating to educator externships. This document is also available on the
OPPS website homepage.

Externships provide real-life experiences for educators and help make instruction
more relevant to their students. As a reminder, externships may be considered for
non-traditional education-related professional learning within the State Continuing
Education Clock Hours (SCECH) or within the local District Provided Professional
Development (DPPD) systems.

For additional information on using externship experiences for SCECH or DPPD,
please contact OPPS at 517-373-3310 or email

View 10-19-2017 MDE Extership Memo

View Externships as SCECHs

View Externships as Professional Learning


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